Learning design at our school ensures every learner enjoys a personalised learning programme designed to ensure each learner leaves us:

‌•  A skilled collaborator, able to communicate effectively in different situations

‌•  Curious about the world around them

‌•  Craftsmanlike in their approach to learning and to life

‌•  Confident in their capability to overcome problems

‌•  Constructive and considered in the way they approach new challenges

‌•  Qualified to access the pathways that unlock their dreams

To find out more about our capital enhancing curriculum, please click on the elements in the table below and watch the video.

Cultural Capital Social Capital Organisational Capital Knowledge Capital Moral Capital Professional Capital

To understand our school think about what makes you learn. Curiosity about the world? A desire to study, struggle and overcome misunderstanding? The ability to reflect and see how far you have come? These are the elements that we feel ensure great learning and we’ve designed our school to focus consistently on them, as at Honywood we create learners’ futures where many schools simply re-create their own pasts.