Welcome from Honywood School’s Headteacher

We are a comprehensive school with more than 1,000 learners aged 11-16 on our roll; we converted to Academy Status in May 2011. Young people at our school can expect the most challenging learning experiences. We expect our learners to become independent, mature and empowered, able to make excellent decisions about the lives they lead whilst at our school, as well as learning how to be happy and successful in the lives they will lead on leaving us.

We tailor the education we offer to the needs of every individual learner we serve. We believe that with excellent teaching and dedicated study, every learner can succeed at the most challenging subjects, which is why we require all our learners to study a foreign language to GCSE level. By challenging our youngsters to overcome the demands of academic study, we not only help them to gain the examination passes that every college, university and employer values, but also support them as they develop their learning attributes.

Our teachers design learning that ensures our youngsters become more curious, considered and capable. We ignite learning through the challenges we place in front of our youngsters and then expect commitment to study over increasingly longer periods to ensure that understanding is deepened. Through regular reflection designed into the learning process, we not only ensure subject content is understood, but that learners have an increasing understanding of their attributes and know how to strengthen these. So at our school youngsters don’t just gain an understanding of subjects, they gain an understanding of themselves and this is what allows them to take responsibility and challenge themselves to succeed beyond the horizons they imagined when joining us.

Every adult working at our school understands the impact they can have on young people through the strong relationships they build with them, the high expectations they have for them and the absolute determination to learn alongside them as they consistently challenge their pre-conceptions about learning design, always looking to make learning more intriguing and more personally connected to the youngsters we serve. A success of this approach has been that Essex County Council now fund enhanced provision on our site for fifteen youngsters with a diagnosis of Autism Spectrum Condition; we call this provision My Learning Hub.

My Learning Hub not only adds valuable resources from which other youngsters can benefit it also allows us to access further training to ensure our teachers keep improving their skills. We are fully committed to training and developing our staff and have a long and successful tradition of guiding trainee and newly qualified teachers, with seven out of ten of our teachers having commenced their careers at Honywood.

I hope that this information, and the rest of the site, will give you a picture of our school and an indication of the opportunities offered to young people, staff and the community here at Honywood School.

Simon Mason