The Family Learning Team aims to offer a unique service to our learners and their families. We work primarily with learners who need extra support with regard to their emotional well-being and mental health needs.

All research and advice tells us that there is no right way in which to parent. Each of us has a different family background and a unique set of personal circumstances that shape our parenting. Each young person is also different: what will ‘work’ for one child may not be successful with another, but having someone to talk to is frequently invaluable.

The support offered to learners and their families through the Family Learning Team allows the increasingly complex situations and problems learners and their families face to be discussed in a confidential and supportive way. Our focus is upon providing youngsters with the knowledge that they are listened to and supported while empowering them with effective strategies to overcome the struggles they are facing. We make use of a wide range of approaches that are designed to enable young people to better understand and regulate their emotions whilst equipping them with the tools to cope when difficult situations may arise.

Issues that we commonly support our learners and families with include: Anxiety; Self Image and Self Harm; Bereavement and Loss; Internet Safety and Effective decision making when they are faced with uncertainty and challenge.

We commonly support families in our work linking to communicating effectively with adolescents and offering support and advice to families wishing to support their adolescents appropriately should they encounter exam related stress and anxiety.

The Family Learning Team can be contacted during term time and during the school holidays.

Please contact the Family Learning Team on [email protected] or telephone 01376 561231 or 07739752238.

The Family Learning Team is managed by Mr David Briggs who is the Designated Child Protection Lead and Designated Person for CIC.
He can be contacted on 01376 561231, Direct 01376 564779 or email [email protected]