Spirit of Honywood is our PTA group with a real drive and enthusiasm for bringing exciting events to Honywood families and the wider community. We believe that schools should be at the heart of local communities. It’s too easy to let the trials of daily life consume our time, but how often do we take the time to work together, put our efforts into new projects and to then enjoy the fruits of our labour?

We launched our first family day in April 2017 – Spring Fair – to ignite the community spirit of Coggeshall and surrounding areas and this was a roaring success…. but we don’t want to stop there and we need your help!

We are currently looking for volunteers to join Spirit. You may be parents, grandparents, alumni or just someone who cares; whoever you are, you can all make a real difference. The only commitment we are asking from you is that you are able to join us for one-off meetings 2/3 weeks prior to the launch of events, along with showing any support possible for the actual events. You may be able to face paint at a fair or play quiz master at a quiz night. Whatever you can give, will mean the world to our Spirit.


So what’s in it for you?

I can guarantee you will meet new people and we would hope you will make new friends. You will be giving something back to the community which is good for the soul. You will be supporting a vibrant school in an economic climate where budgets are so stretched. In turn you will be enriching the learning experience of a blossoming young generation and showing them how community spirit can thrive.

If you can help in any way please contact us and look out for news of events via our social media, website and iGazette. [email protected]

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