National Poetry Day
It was National Poetry Day on Thursday. Each member of staff celebrated this day by putting a copy of their favourite poem on their office or classroom door. The range of poetry on offer was incredibly diverse and offered up opportunities to be inspired, to reflect, to challenge stereotypes and ideals, to look into the past and, to gain an understanding of the interests of our staff. “The Road Not Taken” by Robert Frost came out as the most popular poem -chosen by several members of staff.
Other highlights for me included: Mr Munro’s choice of “If”, a great example of virtue and character; “I’m fine thank you” – an excellent piece about positivity chosen by Mrs Bash and the site team, and the empowering words of Rupi Kaur’s “I want to apologize” as chosen by Miss McPhail. Each one reflected a bit of the character of the member of staff that chose it. I went for Homer’s “The Odyssey” (just the first page) mainly to share my love of the ancient Greek world and epic tales of adventure.  The English department has also launched a poetry competition to coincide with this day. I am looking forward to sharing the winning poems with you soon.

Open Evening
Our Open Evening this week was a real success. The feedback I received was very complimentary and highlighted the impact of our focus on building relationships and getting to know the learners as an individual with individual needs. Families embraced our high expectations and our thoroughly nice children who all acted as superb ambassadors for the school. If you attended the evening I hope you were able to gain a feel for the culture and ethos at Honywood.

I remember when I studied marketing. I read about the importance of focusing on existing customers as well as new ones. I was reminded of this during the Open Evening. Whilst on the face of it an open evening is a marketing tool designed to attract new children and parents to join our school community, it is also an opportunity to further build our existing community by celebrating the progress we have made and our collective and individual achievements. It was a very proud night to see so many of our learners supporting the school and to see so many current parents returning to show us their support. Our staff work incredibly hard at Honywood to build our community, a community of deep and purposeful relationships. I would like to thank you all for your continuing support and to welcome any new families that have been inspired to become a part of the Honywood journey. We will be offering tours next week at 9am and 11am. If anyone would like to book onto a tour please contact the school office.
I will leave you with a quote I have shared before: “Is effective teaching more about good relationships than anything else?”

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