Today I have completed exactly one year (198 school days) at Honywood and as I am writing these headlines I am reflecting on that journey. A lot has happened over the past twelve months and during that time I have seen a real growth in enthusiasm from the community. We have introduced many new things and made several changes. The next year will be vital as we embed these changes into our everyday practice and share in the success of them. I would like to thank you all for your support over this period. I hope that during this time I have been able gain your confidence as I have shared some of the highlights of working at Honywood.
At the start of the week I had the pleasure of attending the C7 assembly. This was an assembly taken by 7LKI/KCW. The theme of the assembly: respect. I stood at the back of the hall in awe at the courage and confidence on display as the whole learning group got up in front of everyone and shared their thoughts on respecting yourself, others and the world around you. They then played a couple of short videos they had created which were really powerful in communicating a positive message about respecting one’s self – I had a little tear of happiness and pride in my eye at the end. Thank you 7LKi/KCw.
I also had the privilege of being a part of the C10 Learner Leadership assembly. After getting over the job of handing out just over a hundred ties, I had the opportunity to talk to families about why our learners are so great. I believe that the characteristics and attributes of leadership are central in supporting our learners to go on and lead successful lives and everyone has the potential to be a leader. The world needs great leaders to make it a better place. It needs people who are authentic, courageous, honest and trustworthy; people with a passion to make a difference. In going through the process of becoming part of the leadership of the school our learners
demonstrated these values and I for one am very much looking forward to seeing the impact they have on the school over the next twelve months. Congratulations to them all.
We have now entered the exam season and this week our C11 learners completed their GCSE Art exam. I went to have a look at the work they produced and can honestly say it is fantastic. If you have not yet had a chance to see the quality and creativity of our learners I recommend you visit the school during our summer arts festival where all our work will be on display. Well done to our C11’s, I am proud of them all. An art exam spans two days and is a test of stamina, patience and creativity.
Goodbye and good luck
We say goodbye to a few members of staff this term. Please join us in thanking Laura Brown in Technology, Jacqueline Lay in Computer Science and Maths, Rebecca O’Sullivan in MFL and Sarah Woolley in English for their contributions to Honywood. We wish them the best of luck in their future careers. As a result there will be some changes to learning group leaders:
8JLa will become 8JJo (Mrs Jordan-Burrows)
10LBr will be covered by Ms Ward and Mr Munro until half term and will then become 10CFr (Mrs Frogley) at half term
9SAa/ROs will become 9SAa (Mrs Aravinthan)
7SWo/CBu will be covered by JWa (Mrs Warren) until the end of the summer and a permanent change will be made with new staff in September.
To the following Learners who supported the tours for interviews this week:
Jack Symonds, Nathan Spraget, Kye Steadman, Lily Tilyard, Connie Tubby, Rosie Waine, Ena Watts and Henry Whistler.

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