Happy holidays
Reflecting back on the term I am truly amazed by the many things we have managed to pack into the last fifteen weeks. Every time I attend an event, take part in an experience or have the privilege of sharing a learning journey with our learners I am filled with an immense sense of pride. Wednesday night’s Christmas Concert was no exception. From the Christmas fair beforehand to the actual performance itself I was reminded of how great our community is and what diverse talent we have at Honywood. I am always talking about the importance of creativity and on Wednesday it was in abundance. The detail and quality that went into the products that the Technology department had created was fantastic. The performance skills on display did a great job in uniting our community together in happiness – every performance was unique.
Over the term I have seen the school working at its best. This has only been possible through the hard work of our staff and learners, and through a great many learners and staff going the extra mile. Coming to school, and working in a school is hard work; I would like to say thank you to parents and the wider community for supporting our curriculum.
Whatever your beliefs or view of Christmas, the one thing the period does do for us all is provide time: time for families, time for loved ones, time to reflect and think, time to be altruistic toward others, time. However you choose to mark your time over the next few weeks I would like to encourage you to embrace it.
At this time of year I begin to work with the leadership team to start planning for next September; curriculum, staffing and timetables all need to be put in place well in advance. I look forward to sharing with you our further developments over the course of the spring term. As always, your feedback has been really helpful in shaping the direction of the school and I would like to thank those of you who I have had the privilege of meeting over the term, your support is greatly appreciated.
It has been a real pleasure leading the school this term Please don’t forget we will be finishing early next Wednesday to begin the holiday period.
I wish you a happy holiday and look forward to seeing you for our learning reviews on Monday 6th January.
All the Best.
James Saunders

Learning Reviews
I have had a couple of enquiries about our expectations around uniform during the learning reviews on Monday 6th of January. I can confirm that we expect learners to arrive to their learning review appointments in uniform. We appreciate some people may disagree with this, however, we would kindly ask for everyone to support us in this requirement by modelling respect to our learners.

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