Ambitions for the future
It was great to attend the C8 assembly this week to hear Mr Smith talk about the plans for week 38 ‘ambitions for the future’ and the preparation learners need to complete beforehand.
Learners will be given the opportunity to apply for a range of jobs which include: leading PE at local primary schools; working to produce a video game; working in catering, food and hygiene, and reporting on the environment (think spring watch in Coggeshall). There are a limited number of places available for each job – learners need to apply for their top three jobs and will be recruited on the strength of their CVs. This is a great way to develop the attributes and characteristics that are needed in the future. I am looking forward to seeing how they got on during that week. I would also like to inform you that, as a result of Mr Smith securing an internal promotion the Cohort Leader for C8 will change next year. During the assembly the group learnt that Mrs Reece will be taking over the leadership of the cohort in September. She will be working closely with Mr Smith over the summer term to ensure a smooth transition. Mrs Reece is a very experienced cohort leader and I hope you will join me in supporting her with the group next year.
You will be aware that our school day will change in September to four 75 minute lessons instead of three 100 minute lessons. One aspect of the school day that will change within this structure is the timing of what we currently call LS3 – our learning group/form slot. Having this session at the end of the day provides a range of benefits such as supporting behaviour, intervention, assemblies and visitors, MLCs/subject support, learner wellbeing, sport, enrichment – the list goes on.
The LS5 programme will be what marks us out as different to other schools. It is where we achieve our vision of happiness. It is where relationships are formed and support is provided. It is where we are able to connect the elements of our capital enhancing curriculum. For example, LS5 is a time for learners to acquire moral capital – to develop their character traits; it is a time for them to understand how to contribute positively to society and the importance of creating meaningful social relationships and experiences (social capital). Whilst we are not driven by what Ofsted think, it is worth noting that a new inspection framework has been issued that places greater emphasis on character education; on Citizenship, PSHE and the development of moral, social and cultural capital. These are the things that a well rounded education is about. These are things that help us to achieve happiness as well as success.
There will be no changes to the start and end time of the day with the exception of Wednesday’s. Wednesday will now end at the same time as all other days. This will not result cutting down our offering of enrichment on a Wednesday as we will be able to continue to start opportunities at the start of LS5 and continue after school where appropriate.
On the theme of extra curricular opportunities, we have our Sports’ Day next week. Sports’ Day is a great example of exactly the kind of character forming experiences that I have just mentioned. It takes a real team effort to orchestrate a Sports’ Day and I am really looking forward to sharing it with all our learners and staff. Fingers Crossed that the weather holds.
Update on joining the Saffron Trust
We had a short meeting with our legal representatives this week to discuss how things are progressing. We have completed the consultation process and there were no new questions or concerns raised. We shall continue to move forward shall update once we have some concrete details of our next steps.
To: Esme Scott who has just accepted a place on Christ’s, Sidney Sussex and Murray Edwards Colleges’ LPN Summer School 2019 at Cambridge University. Competition for these places is very tight. They receive hundreds of applications over the amount of places available. Well done Esme, we wish you all the best and look forward to following your career.

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