A brilliant time with The Brilliant Club
A few weeks ago I mentioned that our C9 and C10 learners had completed ‘The Brilliant Club’. This week I had the pleasure of accompanying them for their graduation trip to Selwyn College at the University of Cambridge. The learners entered the college through an archway that opened up into an oasis of calm. As the learners strolled round the immaculate grounds I am sure it all felt a bit, well, “Harry Potterish”.  They even got to eat in the hall just like in Hogwarts. Around the hall were portraits of amous alumni. It felt like a world of privilege and advantage. However, that could not be further from the truth. The work of The Brilliant Club is all about increasing access to and participation in the best universities in the country so they do not become the preserve of the elite, but a reflection of the diverse society we live in. No more so was this more present than in the keynote speech the learners listened to. Many of them commented on how moving it was to hear about the life changing effect education can have on society. The learners spent the day learning about the steps they need to take to get to university. They learnt about facilitating subjects – a group of A Levels that are recommended by Russell Group universities. Subjects like English, Maths, Science, Languages and Humanities form the facilitating subjects. It was clear that to reach a top university learners must do well in their core subjects at GCSE. After a tour of the College buildings they received their certificates.

Congratulations to Jude Battersby and Luke Evans who both received a 1st and to Louise Ball, Will Ferguson, Holly Ginn, Maxine-Emily Harvey, Charlie Mullenger, Freddie North, Roxie Orrow, Harry Ratcliffe, Eloise Rigby and Felix Wilson, who all received a 2:1 for their dissertations. These were marked using university criteria and were pitched well beyond what is expected at GCSE which makes their accomplishments even more impressive: an outstanding achievement for every one of them. The Brilliant Club has been such a success that we will most definitely be providing this opportunity again next year. Keep an eye out for the next launch assembly this summer.

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