Short and long term priorities
This week I have been sharing with staff some of our developmental priorities for the forthcoming year. The recent review that I spoke about last week has also fed into these priorities which will form our overall school develop plan objectives. It can often be difficult to have an immediate impact when implementing a long term vision. One has to carefully juggle the short and long term aims which is never an easy process. On the one hand, we have collectively built a vision that will take us forward as an organisation over the long term. On the other, there remains an expectation that we have a positive impact on our results this summer so that our current learners in C11 have the best chance possible. We were successful at this last year and the mock performance suggests that we will continue to build on this success in the summer.
I was pleased that last week we were recognised for the work we have done to build a solid foundation within the school and that our vision is strong and has set us on the right path. Going forward our priorities will be very much about pushing ourselves further to meet this vision. Our improvement plan and developmental focus for the next year will be grouped into three main themes: (1) Leadership of the Curriculum; (2) Curriculum; (3) Teaching and Learning. Now that we have got our foundation in place and are getting the basics right we will, with our three themes, be focusing on the following:
 disseminating the schools vision
 evaluating the impact of our progress
 building a curriculum that provides challenge and ambition
 modelling excellence and using scaffolding
 assessment
 data and intervention
However, we have to temper our long term vision with reality: the need to make a demonstrable impact in the short term – namely, with C11. Our vision and our capitals are not a quick fix and cannot be implemented overnight. Whilst our changes are taking effect it is clear that those who will benefit the most are the ones lower down the school, however, we must balance that with support for C11. You can’t run a school on intervention strategies alone. Well you could, but I don’t think it would be a very good one. Right now however, we are putting some additional energy into the immediate – C11.
Over the coming weeks staff will be supporting C11 learners to achieve their full potential. Teams have reviewed the data from the mock exams and have identified target groups and individuals. We will be taking a considered approach in directing certain learners to additional sessions after school to focus on the key learning that they require to achieve. We will be writing to families to share our additional C11 offerings.
It is a short half term and believe it or not we are already passing the halfway point; just three weeks to go. Before we know it we will have finished the term and for C11 will begin the exam season.
I would like to encourage not only C11 learners but all learners to make the most of this short term and keep in mind the message I opened the term with
– ‘The most powerful tool to achieve or do anything is knowledge’.
Have a great weekend

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