Welcome back everyone to the final term of the year. The summer term is always my favourite one. It is the point in the year where we say goodbye to some learners, prepare others for the next step and begin to welcome our newest cohorts in preparation for September. It is the culmination of five years of study for some. It is the point where our learners are officially measured through their terminal exams. It is also a point of transition: a time to reflect back on the past year and begin to plan for the next one. Prior to the Easter break I met with the Leadership Team to do just that. We began by reviewing the progress we have made with our school development plan over the past year. We have begun to establish our curriculum based vision for the school: Moral Capital, Social Capital, Cultural Capital, Knowledge Capital, Organisational Capital and Professional Capital. It has been a real delight to see these qualities emerging in our learners over the last year. The summer is most definitely a time where eyes turn to the acquisition of knowledge capital and a focus on exam results. However, we most not lose sight of the fact that the development of social capital (relationships), moral capital (character and positive behaviour) and cultural capital (understanding our world) support learners in deepening their knowledge.

The outcome of our review of the past year will feed into the creation of the next iteration of our school development plan. I shall share this with you later in the summer term. The central theme for the next year will be based around three key principles: Consolidate; Refine; Embed.

We recognise that there has been a lot of change over the past year and that the next year needs to focus on those changes by consolidating them and, reviewing and refining them so that they become fully embedded. Our core objectives – the six strategic intents, will remain the same. However, our priorities that sit beneath each one will be updated to reflect the progress we have made and the things we now need to focus on to move us closer to these objectives.
Here is a quick recap of the six strategic objectives:

 Moral Capital: Day to day all learners and staff live through our core values and promote equity and well being.
 Social Capital: All learners leave Honywood fully prepared with the resilience, attributes and independence needed to embrace, and positively contribute to, society.
 Cultural Capital: Authentic learning is embedded in all aspects of the curriculum. Learners develop a rich vocabulary and contextual awareness through a culturally enriching curriculum.
 Knowledge Capital: Deep knowledge acquisition underpins all learning. Evidence-based evaluation and analysis of learning by teachers enables personalised learning design and drives continual improvement in the classroom through the sharing of best practice.
 Organisational Capital: At every level of the organisation there is a culture of performance evaluation and challenge and a deep aspiration to achieve excellence and impact.
 Professional Capital: Leadership across the school is both learning and teacher centered and drives continual improvement through collaboration and the sharing of best practice.

It has been a busy first week back; we have hosted many visitors who have been out and about in lessons with our staff looking at learning and behaviour. I would like to thank all our learners for embracing these days with such positivity and for the warm welcome our visitors received.

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