There has been a lot going on at Honywood this week. Two highlights for me neatly bookend the learner experience: the C7 Danbury trip and the C11 Careers exhibition.
C7 Danbury visit
After just three weeks of secondary school we shipped off our newest arrivals to Danbury for an activity and team building day. Whilst the day began as a bit of a washout spirits were not dampened as the learners piled into the buses in their PE kits. The learners were all accompanied by their learning groups leaders who supported them in overcoming a series of challenges which included caving, bmxing and canoeing. Experiences such as this really help us to focus on getting to know learners as individuals through building positive relationships. The experiences they had this week will stay with them as their relationships with their peers develop over the year.
C11 Careers exhibition
At the other end of the school the C11 were focusing on their next steps post-Honywood. I had the privilege of attending the C11 careers exhibition this week. I am so glad I went; it was a real pleasure to see how mature our learners were as they spoke to the providers about career opportunities. The event itself was very well organised, one of the best I have ever been to. It reminded me of when I used to lead a sixth form. A big part of that job was supporting learners with the next steps as they began to think about their careers. I remember when I used to attend such events I would often find learners from some schools to be very quiet and not as proactive as they could be at being forthcoming when approaching stands. That was not the case this week; our learners were confident, articulate and mature. The head of the Sixth Form College was highly complimentary about the conduct and maturity they displayed as well as the level and depth of their questioning. I hope that it has given learners a great insight into their next steps post-Honywood.
Open Evening
I hope you will be fully aware of the changes to the school day this coming Thursday for our Open Evening. It looks like we have almost the entire school coming out to support us. If you are ferrying your children back and forth so that they may act as guides, we are very grateful. Open Evening can sometimes be viewed as a bit of a game, trying to showcase the school from a certain perspective. The fact that we have so many learners acting as ambassadors gives me confidence that visitors to our school will be able to have an authentic view of what the school is about from the perspective of those that matter most, the learners. Our theme for the night is our six capitals: moral (excellence of character); social (relationships); cultural (authentic and enriching experiences); knowledge (academically challenging curriculum); organisational (aspiration and challenge) and professional (leadership). Within classes we will be showcasing how we are supporting the development of these things through our teaching and learning. I would like to thank you in advance for your support in showing Honywood for the great school that it is.
Sponsored Walk winning Learning Groups
Competition was tough for best Learning Group during last week’s sponsored walk. We managed to whittle things down to two contenders: CGa and LBo/SAr. After speaking with each Learning Group to gain a rationale for the theme it was still impossible to separate them. We had asked learning groups to dress up in response to our theme. CGa went with a ‘save the Bee’ theme, whilst LBo/SAr were litter pickers. CGa almost lost it when they threatened to sting me but in the end we decided it was a tie. Joint winners this year CGa and LBo/SAr. Well done. We will announce prizes and award house points once we have totalled up the winners for most funds raised.

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