The importance of feedback
I would like to thank learners and families for their support in the organisation of our upcoming learning reviews. I shall provide some more details about them next week however, this week I would like to talk about the importance of feedback and guidance – a key part of our learning reviews.

I would like to start by highlighting the work of the EEF (Education Endowment Foundation). If you have not come across the EEF I wholeheartedly recommend it to you. They have a great toolkit to help you sift through the educational research landscape to get to the heart of what is effective.
We often look at this research to inform our own planning in school.

They have carefully analysed what the research says using a meta-analysis and summarised it using some useful indicators such as the pound signs, the padlock and the orange circle with a + in it. If we take collaborative learning as an example, the research suggests that it is low cost to implement, that the evidence is very secure (lots of padlocks) and that it can help add an additional five months of progress.
This should all be taken with a pinch of salt as you need to drill down a bit more carefully and think about context – which you can do by clicking on it. However, it is a good guide to get you started.
So on to Feedback. It’s not expensive, it’s pretty secure, and it adds eight months of progress. Feedback can come in many forms both formal and informal. I saw some great practice in MFL and Geography lessons. What stood out in these lessons was that they provided a structured framework to communicate the feedback and that the learners were responding to it by setting themselves next step targets to improve their learning. Responding to feedback is a key to the success of feedback. It should always be a dialogue between teacher and learner – both of them play an equal part.
Our learning review day is designed to consolidate these dialogues to support our learners to own their learning and targets going forward
I hope that once we finish our day of Learning Reviews in January, our learners and families will be clear in the progress that has been made but also in the next steps to achieve further success.
Have a restful weekend, you all deserve it.

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