Google workshop
Last Friday we welcomed in a team of facilitators from Google to run workshops all day for our C9 learners. The theme of the day was ‘be internet citizens’. Learners learnt all about how to navigate the increasingly complex digital world. They learnt about echo chambers, being caught in a bubble and how to understand how news feeds work. I spent some time in every class over the course of the day and found the presenters to be highly engaging. I was proud to see our learners embracing the content of the workshops as well as engaging in mature debate about the real issues that we are facing in society today. We were also visited by the Home Secretary, who lent her support to this important topic and spoke to some of our learners.
Lunch with lead learners
On Monday I was invited to a lunch meeting with our newly appointed lead learners. Each of them took the time to present their projects and explained what they will be doing to lead them. I can’t wait to see the impact that this group of learners will have. They have ambitious plans for our environment and wellbeing.
The legacy of Kobe Bryant
You may have heard about the recent helicopter accident in LA where Basketballer Kobe Bryant and his daughter were killed along with seven others. Whilst this story made the headlines due to Kobe Bryant’s fame the tragedy went beyond the world of basketball stardom.
It was mothers, fathers, daughters and coaches that were the victims of this crash. Last year I mentioned Kobe Bryant in one of my posts to you. I referenced an image from the LA Times and an article that documented his career. The image illustrated every shot of his career, over 30,000 of them.
What’s great about it is the message it gives about being great at something. He missed more shots than he scored; this was a key characteristic of his success. Just as we have areas of strength that increase our chances of doing well, so too does Kobe Bryant, as can be seen in the clusters of successful shots and along the centre line. I imagine that through years of practise and trial and error he has learnt where to position himself.
As we approach the end of the day, week or term, some things will go well and some will not; each one will help build and shape our development as a learner. How we deal with both will define our long-term success. Playing to our strengths is great. But sticking our neck out and shooting from somewhere new is how we get better
Learning at Honywood is about so much more than just studying subject content: knowing yourself as a learner, responding to critical feedback, reflecting on your individual performance, working with and learning from others are all things that we aim to provide our learners.
Have a great weekend.

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