Overcoming Personal challenges
As we wrap up the week we are preparing to say farewell to many learners for a week abroad. As part of this term’s Enrichment Week our learners will be visiting Chateau de Warsy to experience culture and outdoor pursuits, and Berlin to explore the history and culture of the city. I have checked the forecast and it looks good. A group of C7’s will be working on a project to design an escape room to test out the children from our local primary school; C9’s will also be on the road for part of the week visiting a range of locations to support them in looking to the future and C8’s will have an opportunity to test their own career ambitions through setting up and running businesses.  No matter which activity our learners are involved in they will all support our learners to think, reflect and overcome personal challenges. Overcoming life’s challenges is an important part of building character. Our approach to building cultural and social capital in all our learners is designed to do this.  These character building challenges come in many forms such as: leaving home; leaving the country; leading a group of people; running a business. I am sure that these experiences will help to build resilience to face the everyday challenges that school often presents. Challenges like: balancing workload; revising for exams; taking exams; making friends; talking to a class; lead peers and supporting friends.  I am looking forward to sharing the details of the enrichment week prior to the end of term.

Please keep an eye out for our learner led fundraising Car Wash this weekend to support the Namibia expedition.

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