Apple Distinguished School Award

Apple Distinguished School – 2017 – 2019

In September 2017, Honywood were pleased to be recognised as an ‘Apple Distinguished School’; Apple Distinguished Schools are recognised centres of innovation, leadership and education excellence that showcase innovative uses of technology in learning, teaching, and the school environment.

Honywood has been recognised as a leader amongst this group, and is one of 27 schools in the UK to be awarded the status, and one of just 68 in the whole of Europe, India and Africa.

Our Vision

Our vision at Honywood School is to ensure that our learners are happy and successful at school and in their lives  beyond. Technology helps achieve this by:

      • Offering equal access to all learning opportunities – this is achieved through the teaching and learning opportunities that we offer, including effective CPD for staff based on how iPad can enhance our curriculum model.
      • Providing a framework for lifelong growth – throughout learning at Honywood we promote the development of 8 key attributes which we feel embody learners success. iPad allows learners access to the tools which enable them to reflect on these and visualise their development.
      • Enabling Personalisation and Choice – iPad enables learners to access resources at a time appropriate to them, regardless of the point they are at in their learning journey. Subject learning embraces the choices that can be offered.


Learning at Honywood is supported and enhanced by our 1:1 iPad programme.

Since 2011 we have used technology to enhance the learning experience available to youngsters, staff and our wider school community. With youngsters, staff, governors and families taking a vital role in the development of our use of technology, we have been able to build, year-upon-year, the learning programme that gives our learners access to a personalised learning experience. This is based on 8 key learning attributes, which we believe provide a framework for lifelong growth.

Apple iBook

For our Apple Distinguished School Award, we were invited to submit an interactive book, demonstrating our use of iPad technology in the curriculum. If you have an Apple device, you may wish to visit the Apple iStore to download a copy of the book.  Please click on the link.

Alternatively, if you a PDF file of the document and links to the individual videos can be seen below:

Our Apple iBook videos:

Click to download the PDF version

of our Apple iBook.

Click to load iTunes to download

a free copy of our iBook.

If you would like to learn more about our use of Apple technology in our teaching and learning, or you would be interested in a visit to our school to see learning in action,  please contact Jo Brook, Deputy Headetacher on 01376 561231 or [email protected]

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