Each month, learners who have gone above and beyond in their commitments to learning, in and out of school, are recognised through the Celebration of Learning Awards. Nominations can be made for circumstances where learners have demonstrated commitment to learning beyond expectation or for having made exceptional progress in the development of one or more of the MLAs. Learners may also be nominated having represented the school or an outside organisation in a regional or national event, or if they have completed a challenge outside school that is deserving of recognition.

Each learner who is nominated for an award is invited to the Celebration of Learning Evening, where they are able to showcase the work they have been nominated for in the presence of friends and family. This event is a fabulous opportunity for youngsters to share with friends and families their achievements in an informal setting, celebrating their achievement. Youngsters’ achievements are also celebrated through their cohort assemblies where they are presented with a certificate; they are also featured on the Celebration of Learning Awards board for the whole school community to see.

December 2017 winners

November 2017 Winners

Emily Champion 7AGI

Grace Divine 7AGI

Lucien Kinsman 7AGI

Luca Shuffield 7CTH

Jonny Adams 8DCA

Regan Camps 8CRS

Rebecca Goodey 8AIS

Rory Taylor 8DCA

Ruby Cosford 9KCO

Oscar Crofts 9KCO

Mathilda Hartmann 9TGR

William Riches 9KCO

Poppy Elmer 10KHO

Louis Harris 10NPO

Emily Reeve 10KHO

Amelia Richer 10KHO

Joshua Walker 10MWO

Anjelina Fox 11CFR

Annabelle Kitching 11CFR

Daniel Maher 11DBR

Ethan Mccabe 11DBR

December 2017 Winners

Daisy Thomas 7CTH

Harry Alderton 7MHA

Maddison Green 7MHA

Thomas Last 7DPE

Jodi Clarke 8KGU

James Deakin 8PBL

Florence Ramsey 8AIS

Pacey Wells 8PBL

Katie Gurbutt 9CHA

Annabel Harris 9JWI

Ethan Moore 9CHA

Alice Rissen 9JWI

Jess Elmer 10ATO

Alfie Jacobs 10OCI

Karta Morley 10KHO

Layla Osborn 10KHO

Scott Collins 11CFR

Rebecca Cordeiro 11DBR

Holly Lord 11DBR