Each month, learners who have gone above and beyond in their commitments to learning, in and out of school, are recognised through the Celebration of Learning Awards. Nominations can be made for circumstances where learners have demonstrated commitment to learning beyond expectation or for having made exceptional progress in the development of one or more of the MLAs. Learners may also be nominated having represented the school or an outside organisation in a regional or national event, or if they have completed a challenge outside school that is deserving of recognition.

Each learner who is nominated for an award is invited to the Celebration of Learning Evening, where they are able to showcase the work they have been nominated for in the presence of friends and family. This event is a fabulous opportunity for youngsters to share with friends and families their achievements in an informal setting, celebrating their achievement. Youngsters’ achievements are also celebrated through their cohort assemblies where they are presented with a certificate; they are also featured on the Celebration of Learning Awards board for the whole school community to see.

This month’s winners

June Winners

Max Avery 8AMC

James Bass 9MME

James Clayton 9DSC

Gracie Everitt 7CRS

Sophie Gaskell 9HTR

Jamahl Godward 9MWO

Alfie Harrod 8KBR

Zoe Hodgkins 7KGU

James Korniej 9KHO

Charlotte Littleton 7JMC

Ashtyn Newley 7KAR

Holly Plank 10FJO

Sophie Poole 7JMC

Charlier Poynter 10MWH

Francesca Quin 7PBL

Katie Smith 10CHO

Zac Steel 7CRS

Tommy Waite 7HGI

Oliver Williams 7DCA

Charlie York 10CFR

May Winners

Noah Bentley 7PBL

Thomas Chard 7PBL

Jodi Clarke 7KGU

Maisie Cox 10DGU

Daisy Donnelly 7AIS

Hannah Everitt 10AMI

Olivia Hodgetts 9MWO

Ruby Johnson 7HGI

Finley Kennedy 7PBL

Ruby Megraw 7DCA

Ian Morley 9MGR

Grace Morris 7JMC

Jacob Morris 9MME

Joseph Neave 10FJO

Harry Nunn 8TGI

Jared Parker 10HBY

Joseph Partridge 7DCA

Thomas Partridge 7KEG

Thomas Powell 9MWO

Emily Pyatt 7KAR

Hannah Pyatt 7KGU

Cameron Sandford 8CHA