At Honywood we have run a successful Bronze Duke of Edinburgh Programme that has grown in popularity year upon year and some participants have gone on to achieve their Gold at College!  The Programme starts in Cohort 9 and requires learners to complete four Sections: Service, Skills and Physical Recreation, which need to be completed independently in personal time for  about an hour a week in Year 9 (two sections for  3 months and one section for 6 months) followed by the fourth section: Expedition training at Duke of Edinburgh Club in Year 10.

There are numerous benefits from achieving a Duke of Edinburgh Award at any level, for example:  self-confidence; a sense of identity; independence; a sense of responsibility; an awareness of your potential; an understanding of your strength and weaknesses; organisation; skills including problem solving, presentation and communication; teamwork, friends and so on…It’s also a great addition to your CV when you leave school and to put on application forms for college or jobs.

The Award is about having a go – it just requires enterprise and perseverance! As one D of E learners said…

“The challenge and pain you face along the way are only temporary but success and achievement last a lifetime!”