Attributes Lead Learners

Hello we are Maddie Orrow, Lead Learner, and Ellie Cardy, Deputy Lead Learner for Attributes. We would like to give learners the opportunities to develop their attributes that they will use throughout their life. Our goals are to develop Quintet to make it even more relevant and enjoyable for everyone. We would also like to create the opportunity for learners to learn different life skills.

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Maddie Orrow
Attributes Lead Learner

Ellie Cardy
Attributes Deputy Lead Learner

Environment Lead Learners

Hi, we are Elleanna, Lead Learner for Environment, and Dan, Deputy Lead Learner for Environment. Over the next year, we hope to make the school environment a fantastic place for you all to learn. One of our ideas is to brighten up the school and make it a more vibrant and enjoyable learning environment.

Elleanna Jenkins
Environment Lead Learner

Daniel Maher
Environment Deputy Lead Learner

Leadership Lead Learners

Hello, I’m Ben Whitehead and I’m the Lead Learner of Leadership. This year, I will develop new leadership opportunities throughout all of the Cohorts by developing mentors from Cohort 10 and 11 to support learners in younger Cohorts and by appointing Cohort 7 learners to go back to their primary schools to promote Honywood to the Cohort 5/6 learners.

Ben Whitehead
Leadership Lead Learner

Maddy Dyson
Leadership Deputy Lead Learner

Progression Lead Learners

Hi, we’re Izzie Donald and Beth Archer and we are Lead and Deputy Lead Learners for Progression. This year we want to ensure that everyone is successfully progressing throughout the school. We aim to work with the rest of our team to improve every aspect of learning within Honywood. One of our ideas is to introduce an MLC system for younger learners to get advice from older learners, should they need it.

Isabella Donald
Progression Lead Learner

Beth Archer
Progression Deputy Lead Learner

Virtual World Lead Learners

Hello, we are Jack Whitehead (Lead Learner for Virtual World) and Holly Plank (Deputy Lead Learner for Virtual World). This year, we want to develop awareness of social media, throughout all cohorts and incorporate new technological advancements to improve learning here at Honywood.

Jack Whitehead
Virtual World Lead Learner

Holly Plank
Virtual World Deputy Lead Learner

Wellbeing Lead Learners

Hello, we are Molly Pride, Lead Learner for Wellbeing and Troy Collins, Deputy Lead Learner for Wellbeing. Our passion is to encourage Honywood School to become the best of its ability and to make it a safe, comfortable and happy environment for everyone to be in. To do this, we will put in 110% into everything we do and continue to be enthusiastic about the role! Our ideas include working closely with My Learning Hub to ensure the pupils there are making progress and refurbishing a room in Family Learning Team to add to the positive atmosphere.

Molly Pride
Wellbeing Lead Learner

Troy Collins
Wellbeing Deputy Lead Learner

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