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Attributes Lead Learners

Hello, we are Caitlyn Ellis, Lead Learner, and Jess Rudling, Deputy Lead Learner for attributes. Our aim is to give learners the opportunities to evolve their attributes and flourish in later life. Our goals are to incorporate life skills within each learner’s Honywood Journey. We would also like to expand on the idea of quintet; hoping to make it more suitable and fun for everyone involved.

Caitlyn Ellis
Attributes Lead Learner

Jess Rudling
Attributes Deputy Lead Learner

Environment Lead Learners

Hello, we are Katie Gurbutt and Alice Forster and we are Lead and Deputy Lead Learners for Environment. Over the coming year we aim to encourage and create a more respected and interesting learning environment. Our goals include putting learners in control of their environment, and creating a more sustainable school.

Katie Gurbutt
Environment Lead Learner

Alice Forster
Environment Deputy Lead Learner

Progression Lead Learners

Hi, we are Kate Southgate and Maya Robson and we are both Lead Learner and Deputy Lead Learner for progression. We want to make sure learners are fully prepared for the years to come by implementing smooth transitions from cohort to cohort. We aim to co-operate with our team to improve and encourage new ideas for every aspect of learning within Honywood.

Kate Southgate
Progression Lead Learner

Maya Robson
Progression Deputy Lead Learner

Virtual World Lead Learners

Hello, we are Fraser McLauchlan, Lead Learner for Virtual World  and Holly King, Deputy Lead Learner for Virtual World. This year we plan to create interesting resources to help students learn and understand more about technology.

Fraser McLauchlan
Virtual World Lead Learner

Holly King
Virtual World Deputy Lead Learner

Wellbeing Lead Learners

Hello, we are Hannah Byrne and Faris Bilbeisi, Lead Learner and deputy for Wellbeing. Throughout our time on the role we will be aiming to improve learners mental and physical wellbeing through a variety of proposals including one to one mentoring and improving the physical health through exercise and food choices. We would love to hear your ideas about how to improve wellbeing at school. If you do have any contributions, please do not hesitate to contact us on our school emails.

Hannah Byrne
Wellbeing Lead Learner

Faris Bilbeisi
Wellbeing Deputy Lead Learner

Leadership Lead Learners

Hello, we are Roxie Orrow and Harry Ratcliffe, Lead and Deputy Lead Learner for Leadership. This year, we will aim to develop learner and leadership opportunities and relationships. I will work with the rest of the team to improve all aspects of leadership at Honywood.

Roxie Orrow
Leadership Lead Learner

Harry Ratcliffe
Leadership Deputy Lead Learner

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