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Double Bass



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Peripatetic Music Tuition is available to learners attending Honywood Community Science School. Tuition is provided by private tutors and Essex Music Services tutors.

A 20 minute lesson costs £8.50 and 10 lessons per term are usually timetabled. When studying Grade V or higher the option of 30 minutes at £12.75 each for 10 lessons per term is available upon request. Invitations to renew are issued towards the end of each term for the following term. Response is due by the date requested to enable the timetables to be compiled.

Interest in Peripatetic Lessons may be registered by completing and returning the accompanying form. Priority for allocation of lessons will be offered to:

  1. Learners already receiving music tuition at Honywood
  2. Learners who opt for GCSE Music
  3. Learners on the waiting list currently attending Honywood
  4. Learners already receiving Peripatetic Music tuition at their Primary School
  5. Learners attending Primary School expressing a desire to learn an instrument when transferring to Honywood

When a place becomes available for the instrument your youngster is interested in, you will be contacted to confirm whether you wish to take up the place. Please be aware that some instruments are extremely popular so it may take up to 2 terms before a place becomes available.

The lessons usually take place in one of the Music Practice Rooms. Learners must be responsible for requesting to leave their learning session 5 minutes before their music lesson.

To make good progress, regular daily practice between lessons is essential and so it is necessary to have access to an instrument. If you are unable to purchase one, or you only wish to try out an instrument, Essex Music Services operate a hire scheme. Please contact Honywood or Essex Music Services for further details.

Application for Instrument Tuition Vouchers may be made to Honywood or Essex Music Services for assistance with tuition fees if the tutor is contracted from Essex Music Services. You may apply for a voucher if you are the principle carer of the child and are receiving one of the qualifying benefits.

Complete the form below for more information or to book a lesson