To help prepare our learners for the responsibilities and opportunities of adult life, youngsters undertake a work shadowing day in Year 9, followed by a work related learning programme in Year 10 including a one week placement in a working environment. We know that experience of the world of work together with an awareness of career opportunities and the skills and knowledge to understand their needs and capabilities, enables learners to make informed and effective learning plans, decisions and transitions.

By working alongside adults as part of a team, learners can develop and practise a range of new transferable skills, become more confident in their abilities, gain a sense of business awareness and make more informed decisions about their future. It can help improve motivation, attainment and progression by helping learners to relate their learning and achievement in school to the success of their future lives.

Learners are encouraged to find their own work placement because we know from experience that youngsters who are motivated to find a placement privately, enhance their chances of achieving a really good work experience.