Enterprise Solutions


The overarching aim of this KS3 course is for learners to develop a more established understanding of the world of business prior to moving on to KS4. The course also aims to develop learners’ capacity to problem solve quickly, concisely and effectively.


Enterprise Solutions is designed to develop Cohort 7 and 8 learners’ understanding of the world of business entrepreneurship, ownership and project management.  The course is designed to develop learners’ understanding of business enterprise and aims to improve their capacity to make clear, calculated and justifiable decisions, based on effective data analysis, sound contextual knowledge and reason.

The investigative nature of the learning designs help to develop learners’ experience of collaboration and communication across a variety of tasks and topics; learners also glean experience of crafting workable solutions across a variety of business scenarios and investigations. We have grown to understand that well made plans, whether it be within a personal or professional context, rarely go as expected.

The course is designed to develop learner capacity to calmly and concisely problem solve their way to successful outcomes. The designs for learning also calls on learners to not only explain their decisions, but reflect to upon them.

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