Mathematics at Honywood is aimed at realising the full mathematical potential of each learner regardless of prior attainment and knowledge. Learners will be given opportunity to foster an enjoyment of the subject to enable authentic learning to take place. Learners are provided with a range of differentiated resources; independence is promoted so that each learner extends their understanding through a personalised model and high quality resources.


All learners in Cohorts 7 to 11 follow the National Curriculum for Mathematics with some additional material.

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The curriculum is covered over the two years covering C9 and C10 with opportunities for learners to engage with all areas included in the specification. All learners are encouraged to make excellent progress and resources have been specifically designed that will engage the learners, to consolidate and make progress in their existing skills, knowledge and understanding.

In Cohort 11 we create more specific individual learning plans to help each learner prepare fully for the Maths GCSE exam. The approach to teaching Mathematics ensures that learners benefit from sound understanding of the fundamental principles underpinning the subject.