Modern Foreign Languages


At Honywood we aim to provide learners with a great wealth of experience across French, German and Spanish to motivate and enable learners to communicate in an ever-globalised world. Through their study of languages, learners develop an appreciation of  the important and powerful nature of languages as a tool for communication across a range of countries, cultures, and opportunities.


During cohort 7 and 8 the focus of learning in languages is about the process of acquiring language. Learners will discover the techniques and skills of learning of language followed, by the practise and the creative application of the language. The focus ‘how we learn in languages’ will enable learners to become successful later in their quest to be qualified with a GCSE in French, German and Spanish.

Every learner at Honywood studies languages, from cohort 7. All learners study French, German and Spanish. In cohort 8 when learners make their Guided Choices they have the choice of studying French, German and Spanish at GCSE.

Learners learn across a wide range of themes with the key focus on language acquisition. Learners will learn the building blocks of languages and how to piece them together to construct and use sentences successfully. For example, learners will learn the toolbox of grammar they need to communicate and express themselves successfully in French, German and Spanish.


From Cohort 9, Learners begin the task of becoming qualified in languages with a GCSE qualification. Initially, learners build their confidence applying the grammar toolbox they have formed to a range of themes from fashion, extreme sports, TV & film, and my future. Learners build upon their grammatical knowledge and construct an armoury of structures to communicate and express themselves confidently in their chosen language.

Learners will have their progress recorded regularly across the four skill areas in MFL. These are Listening, Speaking, Reading and Writing. Teachers will inform learners of the progress made in each skill area and where they need to improve.

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