Dress Code

PLEASE NOTE: The Honywood school uniform will be undergoing several changes for September 2022 and September 2023. After consultation, we have adopted a new dress code across the whole school for September 2023. September 2022 will be a transition year as we move from one uniform to another.  Our full new uniform will consist of the following:

  • Grey Honywood Blazer (this is replacing the current school jumpers)
  • Honywood Tie - new designs (Blue with yellow stripe for Cohorts 7 and 8; Black with yellow and blue stripe for Cohorts 9-11)
  • Plain white or pale blue shirt(same as currently)
  • Honywood skirt or black trousers (same as currently)
  • Jumpers will be optional and should be worn underneath a blazer, not instead of a blazer. The jumpers will follow the current format of Royal Blue for Cohorts 7 and 8 and Black for Cohorts 9-11.

All learners across all cohorts should be in this uniform in September 2023.

We have high expectations of our learners in respect to dress code.  We expect them to dress smartly and take pride in the way they present themselves.  Our dress code centres around respect for oneself, other people and the world around you.  It is for this reason that we will not accept a lack of effort to dress smartly: having your top button undone, your tie unfastened or your shirt untucked, shows a lack of respect for the serious learning ethos in which we believe at Honywood and will, therefore be consistently challenged here.

 Within this framework of respect, our expectations for our dress code are as follows:

*Grey Blazer With school motif - Two designs sold via Anglia Sports & Schoolwear

With school motif – Black, knee length or below.  Sold via Anglia Sports & Schoolwear – Two designs.  Short skirts are not acceptable, therefore please ensure the appropriate length is ordered.


Smart and black.  Denim, chinos and leggings are not acceptable. 


White/pale blue with top button for wearing with a tie.


Two designs: Blue with Yellow stripe for Cohorts 7 and 8; Black with Yellow and Blue stripe for Cohorts 9-11.

Sold via Anglia Sports & Schoolwear


Smart and traditional black leather/faux leather upper, flat/low heeled shoes (less than 5cm) suitable for school.  Shoes with sports logo branding are unacceptable, this includes trainers/canvas/plimsolls/casual type footwear or unbranded copies of trainer style shoes.  Boots are not acceptable.

**Jumper v-neck

Royal Blue for Cohorts 7 and 8 and Black for Cohorts 9, 10 and 11.  The jumper is optional and is to be worn underneath the blazer not instead of the blazer.  

Bag Suitable for carrying a range of text and exercise books and an iPad.

*These items of uniform are embroidered with the school motif and can only be purchased online from Anglia Sports & Schoolwear.  Other items of school uniform, i.e. trousers/shirts, can be purchased from any uniform supplier.

** As per our September 2022 transition arrangements, cohorts that are moving to blazers, 7 and 9, are able to source plain royal blue or black jumpers independently, should they wish to take this option. For cohorts still adopting the previous dress code, 8, 10 and 11, they should continue to use the branded jumpers from Anglian Sports and Schoolwear.

Where learners choose to wear jewellery, this should be minimised.  We accept that some learners will choose to have their ears pierced, however, the issue of body piercing, whether this be in the ear or elsewhere, raises a number of potential health concerns.  We will not, therefore, accept any learner attending with piercings other than those in their ears.  Where ears are pierced, once again for safety reasons, small stud earrings must be worn.  Also for safety reasons false nails in any form are not allowed, learners are welcome to have their nails painted, but they should be their own and not be any type of false/acrylic/press on/glue on nails. 

If learners or parents/carers are unsure as to the suitability of clothing/footwear please contact the learner’s Learning Group Leader in the first instance who will be happy to advise on the suitability of the clothing/footwear.  We do not want parents/carers to be in a difficult position, having purchased clothing/footwear which does not meet the expectations of our dress code.  Buy with confidence and do not trust ‘school wear’ signs in shops, they often try to boost sales by labelling trainer-style shoes as ‘school wear’.  Check with us first if in doubt.

On the rare occasion that a learner may not be able to adhere to the dress code due to unforeseen circumstances, parents/carers need to send them in with a signed/dated note and/or email their Learning Group Leader.  If learners are wearing alternative footwear because shoes are broken or do not fit, they need to report to their Cohort Leader when they arrive in to school, who will arrange for them to be issued with a pair of loan shoes.  The issuing of loan shoes is intended to help learners in these circumstances.  Refusal to wear loan shoes will attract a consequence in the same way as refusal to follow instructions from staff.  We would much prefer not to have this conversation, and it can be easily avoided by ensuring that your child is wearing suitable shoes for school.  We would expect that this would be rectified as soon as possible and within the maximum time frame of one week, (by the following Monday) allowing families adequate time to resolve the particular issue.  If there are financial reasons why this is not possible, please contact the school directly, as we may be able to offer support.

Learners who have been instructed to wear trainers for medical reasons will be expected to have a doctor’s note.  Parental notes will only be accepted for a maximum of one week for a medical issue.  The expectation is that learners will wear black or dark-coloured footwear so that the difference is less noticeable.

Over time clothes can become worn.  Learners are no longer looking smart if they are wearing items of clothing that are ripped or damaged due to wear and tear and these items will need to be repaired or replaced.  Again, if there are financial reasons why this is not possible, please contact the school directly, as we may be able to offer support.


All learners must have the following kit:

Indoors Outdoors
  • Navy blue t-shirt with royal blue side stripes and yellow piping
  • Navy blue rugby shirt with royal blue side stripes and yellow piping*
  • Navy shorts
  • Optional alternative – Navy blue ¼ zip sweatshirt with royal blue side stripes and yellow piping*
  • White socks
  • Navy shorts
  • Training shoes with non-marking soles
  • Navy leggings (to be worn under shorts) - optional in cold weather
  • Blue football socks
  • Studded boots

T-shirts, rugby shirts, sweatshirts, shorts, leggings and blue socks can be purchased via the link to Anglia Sports and Schoolwear.    

In cold weather learners may wear base layers under their tops in a navy blue colour.  In wet weather, a towel may be required for learners to shower.  We would strongly recommend that all learners wishing to participate in rugby and/or football are equipped with shin pads and a gum shield.  Should your child need to be excused PE for medical reasons then please provide a letter explaining the problem.  Learners will be expected to bring their kit so that they can still participate in the learning session as a coach or official where fitness allows.

 *   Please note that a rugby shirt or sweatshirt can be purchased.  However, due to the zip, the sweatshirt will not be permitted in rugby.