Our curriculum at Honywood School

The curriculum in Cohort 7 and 8 is designed to ignite learners’ curiosity to help them learn about the world they live in through the choices they make about the different subjects they study.

Learning is designed to develop knowledge, skills and understanding linked to a wide range of subjects but equal emphasis is placed on a number of learning attributes, attitudes and dispositions (these are known as ‘My Learning Attributes’) that will benefit learners long after leaving Honywood as they will strengthen their capacity to have happy, healthy and successful lives.

Learning at Honywood is thus designed to allow youngsters to first of all develop an awareness of attributes we aim to develop. Learners then moving on to develop an appreciation, and a greater depth of understanding. In time youngsters will then be able to apply and transfer the learning attributes to a range of new situations.

Choices for GCSE study are made available to learners and families in Cohort 8. The youngsters and families are offered ‘taster’ sessions to aid the selection of GCSE subjects; these are in class experiences that give a flavour of the subject in a KS4 class setting. Our learners study a rigorously academic diet of subjects and commence their GCSE courses in Cohort 9 with final exams in Cohort 11.

Youngsters’ progress is closely monitored throughout the three years. In addition to termly reports on progress, every year each learner, together with their family, experiences a one-to-one Learning Review led by their Learning Group Leader or a Senior Leader.

One of the most distinctive features of our school has been our investment in developing our pedagogy that focuses upon improving learning in its widest sense. A key element of our personalised model is the way in which choices are woven into every learning design. This approach is designed to ensure our learners understand that it is the choices they make that drive their success in life.

Our approach is build on the foundation of learning established in Cohorts 7 and 8 where learning is ignited through effectively linking into learners curiosity. After this establishing period the three-year KS4 that follows shifts focus on to subject based learning and ‘becoming qualified’.