The Wellbeing of our school community is paramount and we take pride in the care and support we provide to our learners. We recognise that if children are able to understand their emotional wellbeing and know how to stay mentally, physically and emotionally well, they are better equipped to achieve success and happiness. 

Honywood fosters excellent relationships between learners and the adults who work in the school and this provides an environment where each young person is fully supported and knows where to go if they need help and support. The first layer of support begins with their Learning Group Leaders (LGLs) who have a key role in providing wellbeing support for the learners in their learning group. They are an important part of the learner's life at school, providing a regular and friendly face at the start and end of each school day. The learners also have the support of their Cohort Leader (CL) who also adds an additional layer of support to their LGL. 

Through our PSHEE curriculum) learners are able to develop their knowledge and understanding about important themes which can impact on their mental, physical and emotional health. This programme is delivered by their LGL, which provides a trusting and supportive environment where these themes can be explored in a sensitive and nurturing way.

To help promote and support Wellbeing, the learners have access to the school's wellbeing website which provides a range of supportive tools and links to various topics which can affect young people's mental health. 

In addition to the initial support provided by LGLs and CLs, learners have access to group interventions that support them in a variety of ways, which include a focus on their emotional and mental wellbeing. These interventions are led by some of our own staff and by the Education Mental Health Practitioners (EMHPs).

The pathway interventions are;

  • Resilience and coping strategies

  • Communication and social interaction

  • Character Development

These pathway interventions are initially targeted at learners who would most benefit from them, but they are also available for other learners as they are delivered through a rolling programme each year. 

Mid and South Essex Mental Health Support Team

Additional support in school is provided by Children and Young People’s Mental Health Practitioners and Education Mental Health Practitioners. MHSTs are a new service designed to support children and young people with mild to moderate mental health and emotional wellbeing in education settings. 

MHSTs aims to:

  • support children and young people with mild to moderate mental health problems through evidence-based interventions

  • support schools in developing their whole school approach to mental health

  • provide timely advice to school staff and to liaise with other services in order to help children and young people get the right help and stay in education.