Honywood awards

From the Summer Term 2021 we are introducing a new awards scheme which is available to every learner in the school.

There will be three awards evenings a year and there are a range of categories including subject awards, attendance, first aid and House awards

Subject Awards
Every subject team will be able to nominate an outstanding achiever each term, a learner who has demonstrated excellence in their subject.

An award which celebrates 100% attendance each term 

  • Bronze award is for a term of 100% attendance
  • Silver is for two terms of 100% attendance
  • Gold award is for a whole year of 100% attendance
  • Potential for every learner to receive 15 awards over their time at Honywood!

Character Award
An award for each level completed within the Character programme:

  • Trust
  • Respect
  • Equity
  • Excellence

First Aid
Learners will be given the opportunity to take a First Aid certificate

House points
Certificates will be awarded for House points gained over your time at Honywood:

  • Bronze – 75
  • Silver – 150
  • Gold - 200

Cohort Leader Award
Each term, your Cohort Leader will select one learner.

This is an award for a learner who has demonstrated excellence in their learning, modelling outstanding behaviour and or leadership and contribution to the school or wider community.


Annual awards
The annual awards will only be awarded at the end of the school year. These are:

  • Annual Sport award

An award for a learner in each cohort who has demonstrated excellence in sport in their attitude and commitment to sport at Honywood

  • Annual Team award

A award for a team of learners who have demonstrated excellence positive attitude and commitment to their field, whether it is sport, extracurricular such as the Arts’ or Mock Magistrates at Honywood

  • Annual Headteacher award

An award to one learner per cohort at the end of the academic year who embodies the ethos of Honywood School. A learner who has an excellent attitude to learning, and has contributed to the school community.