Learner Leadership

Appointment to the Learner Leadership Team is through a tough selection process, starting with a letter of application. If successful they are then offered an interview with a panel where learners are asked to present their ideas based on a topic given in advance. It is a difficult and challenging process and develops confidence, analytical skills  and leadership skills through the process. Every year, we are faced with an incredibly difficult choice as the standard of candidates and their interviews gets better and better!

Learner Leadership Team 2021-2022

Environment Lead Learners

Hello, we are Beth Chapman and Marcia Swain and we are Lead and Deputy Lead Learners for Environment. 

Beth Chapman
Lead Learner 

I am very excited to work with the school to create a more sustainable environment. I have a horse called Skittles and love animals, I currently have ten pets! I also love reading and sports.

Marcia Swain
Deputy Lead Learner

I am excited to work with the school to create an eco-friendly school environment.   I love plants and animals (I have 6 plants including a fern and trees).  I enjoy reading and drawing along with writing stories. 

Leadership Lead Learners

Hello, we are Layla Al-Riyami and Jake Ring and we are Lead and Deputy Lead Learners for Leadership. 

Layla Al-Riyami
Lead Learner

I am really excited to help develop the leadership skills across all cohorts. I love kayaking and am in the junior team GB freestyle kayaking academy. 

Jake Ring
Deputy Lead Learner

I am looking forward to helping learners develop their leadership skills and become confident learners.  I love watching and playing football. 

Progression Lead Learners

Hi, we are Rosie Waine and Fern Hazell Young and we Lead and Deputy Lead Learners for Progression.

Rosie Waine
Lead Learner

I am so excited to be working with the school and making it a better place. I am looking forward to visiting different primary schools and working with Fern. I love horse riding and I play football for Writtle. I love animals! I have a horse, 2 rabbits and a cat. I am grade 3 on the cornet and have been playing it since I was 7!

Fern Hazell Young
Deputy Lead Learner

I’m looking forward to working to help learners progress through the school alongside Rosie. I love watching Marvel and Harry Potter movies and my favourite book is Never Let Me Go by Kazuo Ishiguro.

Wellbeing Lead Learners

Hello, we are Mia Fisher and Roxy Slaney and we are Lead and Deputy Lead Learners for Wellbeing.

Mia Fisher
Lead Learner

My role is to improve your wellbeing and make you feel comfortable and supported at Honywood School thus helping learners to become successful . I like reading fantasy webtoons and I love listening to music.

Roxy Slaney
Deputy Lead Learner

I want to improve mental health as a whole in the school! Good wellbeing on leaving school has a much greater impact on life outcomes. I enjoy sci-fi and fantasy films as well as playing with my dog. I really enjoy reading about Greek mythology. 

Lead House Captains

Hello, we are Megan Walby and Izzy Corbett and we are Lead House Captain and Deputy Lead House Captain. 

Megan Walby
Lead House Captain

 I am very excited to work with my team to make learners proud of Honywood.  I am enthusiastic about this position and working with Izzy to elevate the school. I love animals and I have a dog called Sketch and a tortoise called Crookshanks.

Izzy Corbett
Deputy Lead House Captain

I’m excited to work with the school community and work with the different Houses. I will enjoy working with all the other Lead Learners to improve our school experience for all. I like dogs and have three: Bruno, Dizzy and Monty. I also like reading and love watching Harry Potter (I’m a Ravenclaw). I was a scout and on my way to becoming a scout leader.