Computing Science

We look to provide learners with every opportunity to become architects of their digital future.  Learners will experiment with many aspects of Computer Science, develop their computational thinking and reflect on the use of computing in the wider world. Learners explore how computers and networks function; how to break down complex problems; how to design and develop computer programs and the impact that Computer Science has on society.  Learning a programming language is integral to learners' practical programming task.


The overarching aim of the new KS3 course is for learners to develop a good understanding and skills of the technological society that we live in today.  Through a range of Units of work, the course aims to develop learners’ problem-solving skills, computer technology and digital literacy skills to prepare them for further education and life skills.
The KS3 Computer Science Scheme of Work has been introduced and designed to develop C7 and C8s digital literacy skills in helping with the application of software programs that may be used both in school and at home.  There is a variety of units of work including Microsoft Office applications, using computers safely and effectively, web page design, databases, understanding computers as well as gaining some basic programming skills.  Learners will also have the opportunity of applying their mindsets in C8 with a project and business management case study scenarios, as well as achieving badges on their IDEA profile pages on the website.

The course is designed to develop learner capacity to calmly and concisely problem solve their way to successful outcomes. The designs for learning also calls on learners to not only explain their decisions, but to reflect upon them, which will help to start paving the way for their justification and reasoning questions that occur in some GCSE subject options.

Learners may choose to certify in Computer Science by choosing AQA GCSE Computer Science as one of their option choices.  This course offers a wide variety of Computer Science learning covering many aspects of the subject area including basic computation, mobile app development, game development, programming/algorithms and the use of computers in the wider world.