Health and Social Care


Approximately 3 million people work in the health and social care sector and it is expected that the demand for such professionals will continue to rise, meaning that health and social care will continue to play a key role in our society.

Health and Social care is aimed at anyone who has an interest in working with people in the health and social care setting. Health care roles include doctors, nurses, midwives, pharmacists and many more. Whilst social care roles include counsellors, occupational therapists and care assistance. This course aims to provide learners with the initial skills and knowledge to continue their journey in the health and social care industry.


Studying Health and Social Care will provide learners with the OCR Level 1/ Level 2 Cambridge National Certificate in Health and Social Care. Current cohort 11 learners will gain this qualification through three internally assessed units along with an externally assessed examination completed during cohort 11. 

The internally assessed units will allow learners to demonstrate their knowledge and understanding of working in health care settings, understanding the rights of individuals and communicating effectively with individuals and reducing barriers to communication. Learners will also partake in scenario based learning where they will demonstrate the effective communication skills needed when interacting with those accessing health and social care settings.

Current cohort 9 and 10 learners are following the redeveloped qualification where they will complete two internal assessments during cohort 10 and 11 and one externally assessed examination which is completed at the end of the course in cohort 11.

The first internally assessed unit for the redeveloped Health and Social Care qualification focuses on supporting individuals through life events. The second internally assessed unit explores current public health issues and the impact on society along with exploring and designing a health promotion campaign. The external assessment allows learners to explore the principles of care in health and social care settings and how service users’ rights can be maintained and person-centred values applied.